Your Snake Fence Specialists

We know rattlesnakes and how to keep them out of your yard so you and your family can safely enjoy it.

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Some ASF history

The owner, James Ford started building fence in the mid-80’s. After college and a career in architectural CAD, he has come back to fencing.

Since then, we have partnered up with established rattlesnake experts to find the best way to block out rattlesnakes. We use published science, lots of help from the rattlesnake community, our knowledge of fencing and Arizona’s unique set of environmental factors to determine the best installation methods and materials.

And we put it all together. With hundreds of successful installations, we know what works.

So, check us out. See our Gallery and the Testimonials page. Look at our rating with the Better Business Bureau and read those reviews where we are known for “…prompt, friendly service”, “…quality work and quick turnaround” and “…providing peace of mind”.